This appendix is a means to identify factors which Transport Canada may consider to allow a reduction or substitution of the air operator in-service experience requirements prior to granting Accelerated ETOPS Operational Approval.

An excellent propulsion related service safety record for two-engine aeroplanes has been maintained since the introduction of ETOPS. Current data indicates that the ETOPS process benefits are achievable without extensive in-service experience. Therefore, reduction or elimination of in-service experience requirements may be possible when the air operator demonstrates that adequate and validated ETOPS processes are in place.

The Accelerated ETOPS Operational Approval Program with reduced in-service experience does not imply that a reduction of existing levels of safety will be tolerated but rather acknowledges that an air operator may satisfy the objectives of this document by an equivalent means when considering demonstrated operational capability.

This appendix permits an air operator to start ETOPS when they have established that those processes necessary for successful ETOPS operations are in place and are considered to be reliable. It should be emphasized that failure to meet the established criteria, milestones or reliability levels may result in the losing of the Accelerated ETOPS Operational Approval.

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