2.2 Type Design Approval

2.2.1 Upon satisfactory completion of an engineering type design review and test program, which may include a Certification Flight Test evaluation, an ETOPS type design approval will be issued. The Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) or Supplement and Type Certificate (TC) or Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) shall reference the CMP standard requirements for extended range operations and shall contain the following pertinent information, as applicable:

  1. General limitations;
  2. Required aeroplane limitations;
  3. Revision to the performance section including fuel consumption rates;
  4. Flight crew procedures;
  5. Markings or placards
  6. A statement to the effect that "the aeroplane has been found to meet the type design reliability and performance criteria for ETOPS operations in accordance with this document. Compliance with these type design criteria alone does not constitute approval to conduct ETOPS operations"; and
  7. the Aircraft Type Certificate (TC) or STC should also document the design criteria used to establish compliance, including the effective date of the material.
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