3.2 Operational Approval Considerations

3.2.1 Benign Area of Operation

  1. Consideration will be given to air operators requesting approval to conduct extended range operations within a Benign Area of Operation with minimal or no in-service experience with the airframe/engine combination. Although an ETOPS type design approval is not necessarily required, the airframe-engine combination will be reviewed to determine if there are any factors that would effect the safe conduct of operations. Furthermore, flights shall be operated at a weight that permits the flight, at the approved one-engine-inoperative cruise speed and power setting, to maintain flight altitude at or above the Minimum Enroute Altitude.
  2. These approvals shall be limited to a maximum diversion time of 75 minutes.

3.2.2 Demanding area of operations Each air operator requesting approval to conduct Extended Range Operations within a Demanding Area of Operation shall have, prior to commencement of Extended Range Operations, an ETOPS approved airframe-engine combination and approved Operation and Maintenance system which follow the standards prescribed in this document. Furthermore, each air operator shall satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. 75 minute approval

    1. Minimal or no in-service experience required;
    2. Approved CMP

  2. 90 minute approval

    1. 6 months of operating experience;
    2. Approved CMP

  3. 120 minute approval

    1. 12 months of operating experience;
    2. Approved CMP

  4. 138 minute approval

    1. 3 months of 120 minute ETOPS operating experience;
    2. ETOPS type design approval configuration may be to the 120 minute criteria, but any specific limitations may not be exceeded.

  5. Greater than 138 minute approval

    1. 12 months of 120 minute ETOPS, or above, operating experience;
    2. ETOPS type design approval for the intended operation (e.g. 180 minute CMP if only 120 and 180 configurations are specified). Specific limitations to reflect operational approval (e.g. propulsion system reliability, cargo fire protection) not to be exceeded.

3.2.3 The initial in-service experience may be reduced in accordance with an Accelerated ETOPS Operational Approval (see AppendixC of this document) in situations where an air operator can successfully demonstrate its ability and competence to achieve the necessary reliability required for ETOPS operations.

3.2.4 TCCA may require an increase in prerequisite in-service experience in cases where an abnormally low number of flights and/or ER segments have occurred.

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