4.2 Maintenance Program

4.2.1 The maintenance control system being considered for ETOPS approval, must be reviewed in conjunction with the aircraft maintenance schedule, to ensure that it provides an adequate basis for development and inclusion of specific ETOPS maintenance requirements as defined in the CMP document for the airframe/engine combination. These shall include procedures to ensure that aircraft are not dispatched for an ETOPS flight following maintenance actions that affect multiple similar elements in any ETOPS critical system (e.g. fuel control change on both engines).

  1. ETOPS related tasks must be identified on the air operator's routine work forms and related instructions.
  2. ETOPS related procedures, such as involvement of centralized maintenance control or technical dispatch, must be clearly defined in the air operator's maintenance program.
  3. An ETOPS service check must be developed and used to verify that the status of the aeroplane and certain critical items are acceptable. This check will be accomplished by an ETOPS qualified person prior to every ETOPS flight. The air operator may authorize suitably trained persons to perform this check under the "elementary work" provision of CAR571 and CAR605, provided the check is not incorporated into the aircraft maintenance schedule, and does not include any item that requires a maintenance release.
  4. The air operator evaluation program must encompass the review of the aircraft technical record. This review is to ensure proper MEL procedures, deferred items, maintenance checks have been performed properly and system verification procedures are effective.
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