1.4Approval Procedures

1.4.1 Operators requesting approval for Extended Range (ER) operations with two-engine aeroplanes shall submit their requests, with the required supporting documentation to the Department at least 90days prior to the proposed start of extended range operations.

1.4.2 The Aeroplane type design shall meet the requirements for ETOPS design features and criteria (reference Chapter Two, Design Features and Criteria). Notwithstanding, ETOPS type design approval is not required for operators requesting approval to conduct 75minute operations in benign areas of operations. However, the airframe-engine combination will be reviewed to determine if there are any factors that could effect the safe conduct of operations;

1.4.3 In addition, for ETOPS operations other than 75minutes Benign, the following criteria shall be met prior to conducting extended range operations:

  1. the applicant shall satisfy the operational approval considerations contained in Chapter Three, Operational Approval Authority;
  2. the applicant has a system to maintain and dispatch an ETOPS aircraft in accordance with an approved Chapter Four, ETOPS Maintenance and Reliability Requirements;
  3. the applicant shall demonstrate that the maintenance checks, servicing, and programs called for in Chapter4 will be properly conducted at representative departure and destination airports;
  4. the applicant shall also demonstrate that ETOPS flight release practices, policies, and procedures are established for operations to and from representative departure and destination airports; and
  5. a validation flight, in the aeroplane or an approved simulator (as determined by Transport Canada Aviation (TCA) on an individual basis), shall incorporate demonstration of the following emergency conditions:
    1. total loss of thrust of one engine;
    2. total loss of normal generated electrical power;
    3. any other condition considered to be equivalent in airworthiness, crew workload or performance risk.

1.4.4 When the foregoing has been reviewed and found acceptable, a recommendation from the Regional Director, Airworthiness (RDA) shall be forwarded to the Chief, Airline Inspection (AARXD), or RDAC as applicable, for approval and the applicant shall be issued an Operations Specification to conduct ETOPS operations within specified limitations.

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