3.6Operational Limitations

3.6.1 Areas of operation

Following satisfactory compliance with these criteria, an operator may be authorized to conduct ETOPS with a particular airframe engine combination within a particular area of operation. The area of operation will be limited by the maximum approved diversion time to an adequate airport at the approved single engine speed (standard conditions, still air) from any point along the proposed route of flight. The area of operation approved shall be specified in an Operations Specification.

3.6.2 Flight dispatch limitation

Flight dispatch limitation shall specify the maximum diversion time from a suitable airport for which an operator can conduct a particular ETOPS operation. The maximum diversion time at the approved single engine speed shall not be any greater than the value specified in the Operations Specification.

3.6.3 Use of standard maximum diversion time

The procedures established by the operator should ensure that extended range operation is limited to flight plan routes where the approved maximum diversion time to suitable airports can be met under standard conditions in still air. Operators shall ensure that:

  1. Company procedures require that upon occurrence of an in flight shutdown of an engine, the pilot shall, subject to PIC's Authority, promptly initiate diversion and fly to and land at the nearest suitable airport in terms of flying time, at which a safe landing can be made; and
  2. A procedure shall be established such that in the event of a single or multiple critical system failure, the pilot shall, subject to PIC's Authority, initiate the diversion procedure and fly to and land at the nearest suitable airport, unless it can be established that no substantial degradation of safety results from continuation of the planned flight.

3.6.4 Pilot-in-command authority

Contingency procedures or plans should not be interpreted in any way which prejudice the final authority and responsibility of the Pilot In Command for safe operation of the aeroplane.

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