4.9Propulsion System Monitoring

4.9.1 The operator's assessment of propulsion systems reliability for the extended range fleet should be made available to Transport Canada (with supporting data) on at least a monthly basis, to ensure that the approved maintenance program continues to maintain a level of reliability necessary for extended range operation.

4.9.2 The assessment will include, as a minimum, engine hours flown in the period, in flight shut-down rate for all causes and engine removal rate, both on a 12month moving average basis. Where the combined extended range fleet is part of a larger fleet of the same aircraft/engine combination, data from the operator's total fleet will be acceptable. However, the reporting requirements of paragraph4.7 of this Chapter must still be observed for the extended range fleet.

4.9.3 Any adverse sustained trend would require an immediate evaluation to be accomplished by the operator in consultation with Transport Canada. The evaluation may result in corrective action or operational restrictions being applied.

Note: Where statistical assessment alone may not be applicable, e.g. when the fleet size is small, the operator's performance will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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