1. Airworthiness requirements for a proposed air service are covered in subpart 706 of the CARs and in the Airworthiness Manual.

The Regional Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing airworthiness section may wish to discuss the following points concerning your proposed operation:

  1. proposed type of aircraft (piston or turbine engines), pressurized or non-pressurized aircraft;
  2. maintenance, maintenance training of company personnel for servicing and operation of proposed aircraft and Approval of a Maintenance Organization (AMO);
  3. aircraft spares;
  4. ground support equipment;
  5. special tools and equipment;
  6. inspection system;
  7. maintenance support;
  8. Maintenance Manuals;
  9. Canadian Aviation Regulations or other technical publications;
  10. hangar and workshop facilities; and
  11. any other requirements.

It is most important that you contact the Regional Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Branch in order that you apprise yourself of all the airworthiness requirements that you will have to meet pertaining to your proposed air service.

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