3.1 Submission of Security Information to Transport Canada, Security Operations

1. The requirements for foreign and domestic air operators operating to, from and within Canada to submit security information to Transport Canada, Security Operations are as follows:

  1. pursuant to the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, it is incumbent upon all commercial air operators departing Canadian aerodromes or arriving from aerodromes outside of Canada to comply with the Regulations and any security measures prescribed by the Minister which flow from the Regulations;
  2. the security measures of general application which have been prescribed by the Minister are contained in the Air Carrier Security Measures and the Security Alert Condition and Response System for Air Carriers. These security measures will apply to all air operators engaged in the transportation of passengers and cargo. Upon notification by an air operator of intent to commence operations, a copy of the applicable Security Legislation will be provided. These air operators will be requested to provide, as a minimum, a description of their operation and any information the Minister believes to be relevant to the security of an air operator's operations;
  3. in addition, those foreign air operators utilizing aircraft with twenty (20) or more passenger seats must provide the following:
  4. a confirmation that the Company's crew member training program meets the requirement as laid out in sections 12 and 21 of the Air Carrier Security Measures.

2. You may contact the following office for any information concerning air operator security information:

Chief, Security Inspection
Compliance and Policing
Transport Canada (ABCC)
330 Sparks Street
Place de Ville
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N8
Telephone (613) 991-4173

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