AARX Director, Commercial and Business Aviation (CBA)
AARXB Chief, Operational Standards, CBA
AARXD Chief, Airline Inspection
AARDC Chief, Aircraft Certification - Flight Test
AARP Director of Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AMO Approved Maintenance Organization
AWM Airworthiness Manual
CARs Canadian Aviation Regulations
C&BA Commercial & Business Aviation
CDL Configuration Deviation List
DDG Dispatch Deviation Guide
DDPG Dispatch Deviation Procedures Guide
ETOPS Extended Range Twin Operations
FARs Federal Aviation Regulations
GC Global Change
GMEL (TCCA) Generated Minimum Equipment List
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
LSTC Limited Supplemental Type Certificate
MCM Maintenance Control Manual
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
OMEL Operator's Minimum Equipment List
OPI Office of Principal Interest
PMI Principal Maintenance Inspector
POI Principal Operations Inspector
RC Regional Coordinator
RMCBA Regional Manager, Commercial & Business Aviation
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
TCCA Transport Canada Civil Aviation
TCS Transport Canada MMEL Supplement (or TC Supplement)
TCGB Transport Canada (MMEL) Guidance Book
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
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