Appendix B - MEL Item Repair Interval Extension Authority

Schedule 1

1. Aircraft type/registration  
2. ATA MEL Number/Item  
3. Repair Interval (Category)  
4. Reason for Extension  
5. Date/Location item became unserviceable  
6. Original date/Location of item scheduled for repair  
7. Name of item required  
8. Part number  
9. Date part ordered/vendor  
10. 1st confirmed delivery date  
11. New date repair scheduled  
12. TC Representatives notified: (names, titles)  
13. Company Director Quality Assurance (signed)  
14. Time limit valid to: __:__(z) __(d) __(m)__(y)
15. Transport Canada approved: date:

NOTE: A fully completed copy of the extension form must accompany the journey log book entry as follows:

"This aircraft is operating on a MEL item repair interval extension as specified in the attached Schedule."

This documentation must be completed prior to flight and retained in company files for a period of thirty-six months from the date of the extension. Extensions for Category A items must be pre-approved by the Transport Canada PAI and POI and authorized by the RMCBA or the Chief, Airline Inspection (AARXD), prior to dispatch of the aircraft.


  1. Director of Quality Assurance
  2. Transport Canada PAI/POI
  3. Aircraft Journey Log Book
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