Appendix C - MMEL Review Group

Reporting Relationship

To the Chief, Aircraft Certification Flight Test

Chairperson: Designated from Aircraft Certification - Flight Test
Members: Lead Inspector on type - Operational Standards
Lead Engineering Test Pilot on type and/or Flight Test Engineer
Lead Maintenance Inspector on type - Maintenance and Manufacturing
Cabin Safety Standards Inspector (if applicable)
Aircraft Certification Engineer as designated by Chief, Engineering - Aircraft Certification
Advisors: Aircraft Certification Engineering Specialists
Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Specialists
Functions and Duties (Chairperson)
  1. Domestically Manufactured Aircraft
    1. Co-ordinate with the TC Type Certification Team, aircraft manufacturer, and aircraft operator(s) where appropriate, to ensure that where a MMEL is requested by a manufacturer the MMEL is developed during the type certification process for the aircraft.
    2. Co-ordinate drafts of the manufacturer's proposed MMEL for Review Group comments.
    3. Prepare the agenda for Review Group Meetings and provide each member and advisor with the agenda in sufficient time prior to the meeting to permit informed review.
    4. Conduct MMEL Review Group meetings as required to ensure approval of the MMEL co-incident with the issue of the aircraft type certification.
    5. Recommend decisions on items of disagreement by MMEL Review Group Members.
    6. Maintain records detailing the decisions taken on individual MMEL items and the reasons for them.
    7. Provide the Chief, Aircraft Certification Flight Test with a MMEL for approval prior to or coincident with the issuance of the Type Certification for the aircraft.
    8. Advise the Headquarters MEL Coordinator of the approved MMEL and any amendments.
    9. Convene the MMEL Review Group after the aircraft has been in operation for further changes to the MMEL, if necessary.
    10. Convene the MMEL Review Group on an as required basis to review the MMEL in response to requests from Transport Canada, the manufacturer, or the operator(s).
  2. Foreign Manufactured Aircraft
    1. Co-ordinate a review of the MMEL of the country of manufacture involving the Foreign Authorities and the manufacturer and define any required changes based on Canadian additional airworthiness requirements, operating rules and other considerations. This is normally accomplished as part of the Canadian Type Certification process for the aircraft.
    2. Prepare a draft of the Transport Canada MMEL Supplement, when required, for Review Group comments.
    3. Items A3 to A10 (for the generation of the TC Supplement.)
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