Appendix D - MMEL Guidance Book Sample Page

ATA25 Equipment/Furnishing


9. Passenger seats D - - (M) The seat back may be inoperative secured in the upright position.


    D - - (M) The seat back may be inoperative in other than the upright position provided:
  1. it does not block or restrict access to an emergency exit,
  2. it does not restrict any passenger from access to the main aisle, and
  3. the affected seat is not used and is blocked and placarded "DO NOT OCCUPY".


  1. A seat with an inoperative seat belt is considered inoperative.
  2. For single aisle configurations and for seats in the left and right (outboard) sections of two aisle aircraft, the affected seat(s) include the seat behind and its adjacent outboard seats.
  3. For the centre section of two aisle configurations, the "affected" seat is only the seat aft of the inoperative seat.


References: CAR605.22 and .24

This item does not include tray tables which may, if inoperative in the unstowed position, render the seat or seat row behind the seat to which the tray table is attached inoperative. A tray table inoperative in the stowed position could be considered a passenger convenience item. CAR 605.24 requires shoulder harnesses for passenger seats under specified conditions. In this case, a missing or inoperative safety belt and/or shoulder harness renders the seat inoperative.

Note: Some MMELs (e.g. FAA) include a NOTE which states that inoperative seats do not affect the required number of flight attendants. This is based on regulatory requirements (e.g. FAA FAR) that determine the number of required flight attendants based on the number of seats installed on the aircraft and does not apply to Canadian air operators.

A seat with an inoperative recline mechanism is considered to be inoperative if the seat back cannot be secured in the upright position.

Similar to FAA with some additions due to CARs. For clarification, TC has added NOTES 2 and 3 regarding affected seats. FAA has used similar wording in some MMELs, e.g. B400A.

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