Appendix I - MEL Review Group

This Group will meet when a recommendation for approval of a MEL is required. It is the responsibility of the Regional Manager Commercial and Business Aviation (RMCBA) or the Chief, Airline Inspection, (AARXD) as appropriate. The MEL Review Group Chairperson would normally be the Principal Operations Inspector for the Operator in order to ensure familiarity with the operator and his/her operating environment. The purpose in forming such a group is two-fold; to establish authority and to ensure proper co-ordination between Aircraft Certification – Maintenance and Operational Standards so formalized approvals can be achieved in a timely manner.

Revisions to the MEL may require a meeting of the Review Group. The RMCBA /AARXD will decide whether the scope and content of a MEL revision will require a formal review. For example, a MEL amended to reflect a recent revision to an operating rule may only require the review of the Principal Operational Standards Inspector.

Reporting Relationship

This group will report to the RMCBA or for national/international carriers, to AARXD.

POI for the Operator

Lead Operational Standards Inspector on type
PAI for the Operator
Lead Aircraft Certification Engineer on type (if required)
Cabin Safety Operations Inspector (if required)
Regional MEL Coordinator (if required)
Regional Aircraft Certification Engineering Avionics Inspector

Headquarters Aircraft Certification Personnel
Headquarters MEL Coordinator

Note:It is up to the individual Region to decide the composition of each MEL Review Group. The example given is considered desirable, but a MEL Review Group may simply consist of an Operational Standards Inspector and an Aircraft Certification Engineering Inspector, reporting simply to a RMCBA, provided that the Inspectors are familiar with the operator, the operation, and the aircraft.

Function and Duties (of Chairperson)
  1. Provides co-ordination between Transport Canada and the operator.
  2. If not available from the manufacturer, provides the operator with the MMEL, the Canadian Supplements where applicable, and guidance material to the operator for preparation of a MEL.
  3. Works with the operator to answer any question on MEL preparation.
  4. Ensures the review group reviews the MEL submitted by the operator to ensure compliance with the MMEL and Canadian Supplements, that the operator's unique characteristics are addressed, and the (O) and (M) procedures have been developed and referenced.
  5. Recommends decisions on items of disagreement by MEL Review Group Members.
  6. Prepare record of the decisions taken and the reasons for them.
  7. Provides the RMCBA /AARXD with a MEL for approval.
  8. Meets as required to review the company MEL in response to requests from Transport Canada or the operator.
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