Appendix P - MEL Approval Regulatory References

Night Flying Equipment CAR 605.16
Oxygen Equipment CAR605.31
Transponder and Automatic Pressure Altitude Reporting Equipment CAR 605.29
Flight Data Recorder CAR 605.28
Cockpit Voice Recorder CAR 605.29
Altitude Alerting System CAR 605.30
Emergency Locator Transmitter CAR 605.38
Additional Gyroscopic Bank and Pitch Indicator Day VFR Instruments CAR 605.32 CAR 605.14
Minimum Equipment Required to be Operative Prior to Flight CAR 605.07
Ground Proximity Warning System CAR 605.72
IFR Flight Instruments and Equipment
Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Markings
CAR 605.17
CAR 705.78
Aeroplane Cabin Fire Protection (Lavatory)
Aeroplane Hand Held Fire Extinguishers
CAR 705.76
CAR 705.93

Note: Other references and requirements particular to the class of operation (Aerial Work, Air Taxi, Commuter and Airline) may be found in the Aircraft Equipment Requirement Sections of CARs 702, 703, 704, and 705).

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