Appendix S - Initial and Recurrent MEL Training - Sample Syllabus

Note: If elementary work is to be carried out by crew members, this practice needs to be addressed in the MEL training syllabus in the Operations Manual and the MCM, including the particular items approved.

1.1MEL Origin and Philosophy
  1. MMEL and TC Supplement background and development.
  2. MEL background and development.
1.2General MEL Content
  1. Approval Letter
  2. List of effective pages
  3. Table of contents
  4. Preamble
  5. Definitions
  6. ATA Chapters, Page format, Page numbering, System and item titles, categorization, columns, remarks and exceptions, placarding, (O) and (M) procedures.
1.3Specific Use of the MEL
  1. A review of items from a variety of systems including those with no procedures, (O), (M), (M#), (O) and (M), as applicable.
  2. Practical demonstration of MEL use versus hypothetical situations at and away from a maintenance base.
  3. Supervised 'hands on' use of a MEL, until familiar with the location, contents and procedures, including those at or away from a maintenance base.
  1. A written or practical test to ensure that the training has been adequate.
1.5Company Forms

Adequate company records must be developed to document MEL training (initial and recurrent) to be added to the employee's training records. If the aircrew are to exercise elementary maintenance privileges, training forms must include an area describing what is being certified, and a place for sign off by an AME.

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