1.6Legal Basis

CARs 605.07, 704.07, and 705.07 provide that the operation of an aircraft with equipment and/or instruments inoperative may be approved through the use of a Minimum Equipment List.

CAR 605.07 stipulates that the Minister may establish a MMEL for each type of aircraft, in accordance with the MMEL/MEL Policy and Procedures Manual. The Minister may supplement a MMEL that has been issued by a foreign state where necessary to ensure compliance with the MMEL/MEL Policy and Procedures Manual. Where a MMEL or a supplement have been approved, the Minister shall approve a minimum equipment list in respect of each air operator of that type of aircraft, provided that the requirements set out in the MMEL/MEL Policy and Procedures Manual are met.

Where a Master Minimum Equipment List has been established for a particular type of aircraft, a Minimum Equipment List shall not be approved for that type of aircraft unless it complies with the minimum standards set out in that MMEL.

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