2.3 MMEL Guidance Book

  1. To assist in the assessment process, Transport Canada, Aircraft Certification Flight Test has developed a MMEL Guidance Book. This book has been compiled to provide a centralized source of guidance information to facilitate the review and standardization of MMELs and TC Supplements for which Aircraft Certification Flight Test is responsible. This guidance material is made available through the TC website to encourage feedback and to provide guidance to manufacturers when seeking relief for their MMEL.
  2. While some MMEL items are generic in nature and identical wording can be used for all aircraft types, other items will differ from aircraft to aircraft. The material provided by the MMEL Guidance Book is to be used for guidance only. Users are encouraged to provide feedback for the correction and amplification of the guidance material and to propose additional items which may be included.
  3. An example of a Guidance Book item is included at AppendixD.
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