3.13 Deferral of Items

Procedures for the deferral of MEL items will be included as part of the air operator's Maintenance Control Manual (MCM) (See CAR 706.08). The air operator must ensure that the MEL reference the aforementioned procedures in the MCM, or duplicates the same. (See AppendixR for sample procedures.)

3.13.1 Requirements

These procedures comprise a method for:

  1. deferral of inoperative equipment;
  2. placarding requirements as per the MEL;
  3. dispatching of aircraft with deferred MEL item(s);
  4. a remote deferral system;
  5. controlling categorized times; and
  6. the training of company personnel who are responsible for MEL compliance procedures.

3.13.2 Review of Deferred Items

The air operator must establish procedures whereby Maintenance and Operations, periodically review the deferred items, in order to ensure that any accumulation of deferred items neither conflict with each other based on the CDL and the AFM Supplement Compatibility List, nor present an unacceptable increase in flight or cabin crew workload. Notwithstanding the categorization of item repair intervals, it should be the aim of each MEL document holder to ensure that inoperative items are repaired as quickly as possible. It is Transport Canada policy that optional inoperative equipment should be repaired or removed from an aircraft. POIs and PMIs are expected to encourage this practice with their air operators.

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