All inoperative items must be placarded to inform crew members of equipment condition.

While the MEL for some items may require specific wording, the majority of items leave the placard wording and location to be determined by the air operator.

The air operator shall provide the capability and instructions to the flight crew to ensure that the placard is in place prior to the aircraft being dispatched.

Note:The exclusion of an asterisk in a MMEL does not preclude the requirement for placarding. See CAR 605.10(2)(b))

3.14.1 Requirements to Placard/Placard Control

Placarding will be carried out in accordance with the placarding procedures established and set out in the air operator's approved MCM. The method of placarding control must ensure that all inoperative items are placarded and placards are removed and accounted for when the defect is cleared.

3.14.2 Procedures

The equipment/system shall be placarded so as to inform the crew members of the inoperative condition(s) of the item. To the extent practicable, placards must be located as indicated in the MEL, or adjacent to the control or indicator affected. When not practical, the placard may be placed in a centralized location in the flight deck. This location shall be in plain view of the flight crew. In all cases, the MEL placarding instructions shall indicate where the placard is to be placed.

3.14.3 Placard Criteria

Placards shall be self adhesive. The placard may be in two parts. Part One shall list a description of the defect and the defect control number and should be attached to the log book for crew reference. Part Two shall list the system affected and the defect control number and be fixed in the appropriate location. A MEL control sheet attached to the log book could serve the same purpose as Part One above.

3.14.4Multiple Placards

If more than one placard is required for a MEL item, provision must be made to ensure that all placards are removed when the defect is cleared.

3.14.5Temporary Placards

If a defect occurs at a base where maintenance personnel are not available, the flight or cabin crew may install a temporary placard as required by the MEL. The aircraft may continue on a planned itinerary to a base where maintenance will rectify or re-defer in accordance with the approved deferral system.

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