"Dispatch" for the purpose of the MEL/MMEL refers to the moment the airplane starts its takeoff roll. In the case of a helicopter, it refers to the moment the helicopter commences air or ground taxi. The MEL is approved on the basis that equipment will be operative for takeoff unless the appropriate MEL procedures have been carried out. The air operator's MEL shall include procedures to deal with any failures which occur between the start of taxi or push back and takeoff brake release. Any failure which occurs after takeoff commences shall be dealt with as an in-flight failure, by reference to the appropriate section of the aircraft flight manual, if necessary. After takeoff commences, no MEL action is required, until the completion of the next landing.

3.15.1 Operational and Maintenance Items

  1. Any item of equipment in the MEL, which when inoperative would require an operating or maintenance procedure to ensure the required level of safety, shall be so identified in the "remarks" or "exceptions" column of the MEL. This will normally be "O" for an operating procedure, or "M" for a maintenance procedure. (O)(M) means both operating and maintenance procedures are required.

  2. (O) Items

    1. Aircraft with inoperative equipment requiring an operating procedure may be returned to service following completion of the required MEL procedure for deferral.

    2. Operating procedures are normally carried out by qualified flight or cabin crew, but may be accomplished by other qualified, approved personnel.

  3. (M) Items

    1. Aircraft with inoperative equipment requiring a maintenance procedure may be returned to service following completion of the required MEL procedure for deferral.

Maintenance procedures are normally accomplished by authorized maintenance personnel, but some elementary work may be carried out by other authorized personnel. (See Section 3.15.2)

3. Maintenance procedures in the MEL designated with a (M#) - Maintenance Personnel Required may only be performed by authorized maintenance personnel. In this circumstance, the aircraft may not proceed until authorized maintenance personnel carry out the specified procedure.

In the case where an air operator who already has a system in place which uses other symbols that meet the requirements stated above, the air operator may continue to use the same system provided it is defined in the preamble section of the air operator's MEL.

3.15.2 Elementary Work

Some elementary work called for in the MEL may be accomplished by crew members, or others, who have been trained and approved to do so according to the regulations and standards in Maintenance Standard 625.85, 625 Appendix A, CAR 706.10 and 726.10.

Subject to the requirements listed in the above paragraph, and after the appropriate pages of the air operator's MEL (including the preamble), the COM and the MCM have been submitted for approval, these pages will be returned to the air operator as approved for inclusion in the respective manuals. After the applicable persons have been trained, an air operator may authorize such person to perform elementary work by way of a letter to the individual's training file, certifying that the individual has been trained and is competent to perform elementary work on the affected type of aeroplane.

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