3.16.1 Training Program - Ground Personnel

Air operators shall develop a MEL training program for ground personnel, to be included in the MCM and operations manual, as appropriate, which must be approved prior to an air operator receiving approval to operate with a MEL. The training should include those sections of the MCM/operations manual procedures dealing with the use of the MEL, placarding of inoperative equipment, deferral procedures, dispatching, and any other MEL related procedures. (See Appendix S). Ground personnel includes dispatchers and aircraft maintenance engineers. All required personnel shall receive MEL training prior to their use of the MEL.

3.16.2 Training Program - Crew Members

Air operators shall provide crew members with MEL training and shall detail such training in their Company Operations Manual. The training will include the purpose and use of a MEL, instruction on company MEL procedures, elementary work procedures, and pilot-in-command responsibility (See Appendix S). Crew members include pilots, flight engineers, and flight attendants. All required personnel shall receive MEL training prior to their use of the MEL.

3.16.3 Training Program - Recurrent

Recurrent training shall be conducted, annually, to refresh procedural knowledge and ensure company personnel are aware of any changes in MEL procedures.

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