3.18Transport Canada MEL Administrative Procedures

3.18.1 MEL Review Group

  1. While the air operator is preparing his/her MEL the RMCBA will cause a MEL Review Group to be formed. The Chairperson would normally be the POI or MEL Coordinator for that air operator.

  2. Formation of a MEL Review Group ensures that proper co-ordination between Airworthiness and Operations is formalized to ensure approvals can be achieved in a timely manner. The composition of the MEL Review Group and the functions and duties are outlined in Appendix I.

  3. Each MEL will be reviewed by a TC MEL Review Group. Once all of the requirements for approval have been met, each member of the MEL Review Group will initial the MEL Co-ordination Sheet. Both Maintenance and Operations concurrence is required prior to the MEL being approved.

3.18.2 MEL Priority

MEL approvals and amendments are to be considered a top priority for Transport Canada personnel charged with their review. Transport Canada personnel will attempt to minimize approval/turnaround times for MEL submissions, depending on existing tasking and availability. Regional Managers are expected to support this initiative as much as possible.

3.18.3 Regional Administrative Procedures

  1. If all requirements have been met following the MEL review process, then the POI and PMI will initial the MEL Approval Form and stamp and initial the List of Effective Pages. The letter of approval authorizing the air operator's MEL is then signed by the RMCBA/AARXD.

  2. One copy of the MEL will be returned to the air operator along with the Transport Canada approval letter. The standard format for a MEL approval letter can be found in Appendix K. The other copy of the MEL shall be retained in the Regional Office. If changes to the MEL are required before approval, a copy is returned to the air operator along with the requested changes.

  3. A copy of the approval letter will form part of the MEL, in accordance with the air operator's approved system.

Note: If the air operator's principal Transport Canada office is other than a Regional Office, then a copy of the MEL must be forwarded to the Transport Canada Center by the air operator, following any approval or amendment. It is the air operator's responsibility to keep the appropriate TCC current on all amendments to their MEL.

3.18.4Regional MEL Library

  1. In order to manage MEL issues effectively, and in a timely fashion, each Region shall establish and maintain up-to-date files of all their regional air operators' MELs including the initial approval documentation together with the MEL Co-ordination Sheet. These documents must be retained with each subsequent revision of the MEL.

  2. The regional MEL libraries must also contain adequate reference documents such as Dispatch Deviation Guides, and so on, for the types of aircraft operated in the Region. Transport Canada Personnel responsible for the administration of the MELs are expected to submit requests for appropriate manuals and documentation to allow for efficient handling of air operator's MEL issues.
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