3.2 MEL Definition

While the MMEL is for an aircraft type, the MEL is tailored to the air operator's specific aircraft and operating environment and may be dependent upon the route structure, geographic location, the number of airports where spares and maintenance capability are available, etc. The MMEL cannot address these individual variables, nor standard terms such as "As required by Regulations". It is for these reasons that a MMEL cannot be approved for use as a MEL. It is the air operator's responsibility to develop Operations "O" and Maintenance "M" procedures, or to use a manufacturer developed Operation and Maintenance procedure manual, a Dispatch Deviation Procedure Manual, (DDPG), Dispatch Deviation Guide (DDG), or other equivalent document where these procedures are available. Another option which may be available is the TCCA Generated MELs which include these procedures. (See Section3.7.6).

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