1.2 Applicability

1.2.1 As the state-of-the-art in synthetic flight training device technology advances, more effective use has been made of the devices for both the training and checking of flight crew members. The increasing complexity and operating costs of the modern turbojet and its operating environment point to greater use of the advanced technology now available in modern devices. Modern devices can provide more in-depth training than can be accomplished in the aircraft. There is also a very high percentage of transfer of learning from the device to the aircraft. The use of devices in lieu of the aircraft results in safer flight training, considerable cost reduction for the operator and achieves the additional benefits of fuel conservation and decreased noise pollution.

1.2.2 The approval criteria, test and performance criteria and procedures described in this manual apply to requests for approval of aircraft simulators and flight training devices pursuant to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). There was an evolution of simulator technology and hence an evolution of the criteria for simulator qualification. The qualification basis for an existing simulator may have been and may continue to be any of the past criteria, depending on when the simulator was first approved or last upgraded. The following list provides the effective dates of simulator qualification criteria documents issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

FAR 121 Appendix B
01/09/65 to 02/02/70
AC 121-14
12/19/69 to 02/09/76
AC 121-14A
02/09/76 to 10/16/78
AC 121-14B
10/16/78 to 08/29/80
FAR 121 Appendix H
06/30/80 to Present
AC 121-14C
08/29/80 to 01/31/83
AC 120-40
01/31/83 to 07/31/86
AC 120-40A
07/31/86 to 07/29/91
AC 120-40B
As of 07/29/91

1.2.3 Each of these documents has addressed the greater complexity represented by succeeding operations of simulators. Flight training devices have also demonstrated improved performance and for flight training devices based on the FAA Advisory Circular120-45A. As the technology advances, so must the qualification guidance; therefore, with the active participation of both industry and government resources, this manual will be kept up-to-date.

1.2.4 In addition to this manual, Transport Canada will accept the FAA AC120-40C, the Joint Aviation Requirements JAR-STD1A, or the International Civil Aviation Organization, Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulators (Doc9625-AN/938) methods, procedures and standards to evaluate and approve a simulator.

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