1.3 General Procedures

1.3.1 The procedures and criteria for device evaluations under the National Simulator Evaluation Program (NSEP) are contained in this manual. A device approved by the Manager, Simulator Program (MSP), in accordance with the guidance and standards herein, will be recommended for approval for use within an operator's training and/or checking program.

1.3.2 Evaluation of devices used for training of flight crew members is under the direction of the MSP. A device will be evaluated under the provisions of this manual if it is intended for use in an approved training program or if it is used by an air operator in the course of conducting Pilot Proficiency Checks or for the issuance of flight crew licences or a type rating endorsement.

1.3.3 Under NSEP, a device is evaluated for a specific air operator (sponsor). Based on a successful evaluation, the MSP will certify that the device meets the criteria of a specific level of qualification. Upon certification by the MSP, approval for use of the simulator in a particular training or checking program will be determined by the operational authority.

1.3.4 The Transport Canada (TC) evaluations of devices located outside of Canada will be performed if such devices are being used by Canadian applicants to train, licence, check or endorse Canadian flight crew members. Evaluation may also be conducted in accordance with bilateral agreements between countries or as deemed appropriate by TC on a case-by-case basis.

1.3.5 Applicants contracting for the use of devices already qualified and approved at a particular level are not subject to the qualification process; however, they are required to obtain TC approval to use the device in their training program. For example, the use of a LevelC simulator by an air operator does not automatically mean that all the training and checking credits of the approved full PhaseII Training Program will apply to another air operator unless TC has approved that type of program for that air operator in a specific simulator.

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