2.4 Recurrent Evaluations

2.4.1 For a simulator to retain its qualification, it shall be evaluated on a recurring basis using the currently approved MQTG. Recurrent evaluations shall be accomplished every six months by TC. This schedule relies on operator-conducted, quarterly checks which include approximately one fourth of the validation tests in the MQTG each quarter. These quarterly validation tests should be accomplished on an evenly distributed basis throughout the quarter. However, in certain circumstances, alternate arrangements may be authorized after coordination with the MSP. The tests accomplished during the quarter in which the evaluation is to occur, and those accomplished in the previous quarter, will be attested to by the operator and reviewed by the Evaluation Specialist at the outset of each scheduled recurrent evaluation. This ensures that the MQTG will be completed annually.

2.4.2 Each recurrent evaluation, normally scheduled for eight hours, shall consist of functional tests and a selection of 20percent of those tests conducted by the operator since the last scheduled recurrent evaluation and a selection of 10percent of the remaining MQTG tests.

2.4.3 Scheduled dates of recurrent evaluation will normally not be extended beyond 30days. Exceptions to this policy will be considered by the MSP on a case by case basis to address extenuating circumstances.

2.4.4 In the interest of conserving simulator time, the following Optional Test Program (OTP) is an alternative to the eight hour recurrent evaluation procedure:

  1. Operators of simulators having the appropriate automatic recording and plotting capabilities may apply for evaluation under the OTP; and
  2. Operators shall notify the MSP in writing of their intent to enter the OTP. If TC determines that the evaluation can be accommodated within four hours or less of simulator time, recurrent evaluations for that simulator will be planned for four hours. If the four hour period is or will be exceeded and the operator cannot extend the period, the evaluation shall be terminated and must be completed within 30days to maintain qualification status. TC will then reassess the appropriateness of the OTP.
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