2.8Simulator Performance Degradations

2.8.1 If the performance of a simulator does not accurately simulate the flight characteristics of the aeroplane or if special techniques not in common with the aeroplane are necessary to control the simulator, the Inspector or Company Check Pilot (CCP) is to terminate the check. If the simulator is situated in Canada, he/she will enter in the simulator maintenance log the statement "simulator standard not suitable for the conduct of a PPC", along with sufficient detail to substantiate the suspension. If the simulator can be returned to service without changes to its program, the signature of an Inspector qualified on type may authorize reinstatement of training and checking privileges. Should changes in the simulator programming be required, re-approval of the simulator will require authorization by the MSP.

2.8.2 If a system on the simulator is inoperative or malfunctioning, such as any flight control, control trim or flight instrument system, the simulator must be declared unsuitable for the conduct of a Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC). Appropriate entries will be made in the simulator maintenance log.

2.8.3 If, in the judgement of the Inspector or CCP, the lack of a system or non-realistic operation of a system would not influence the results of a check the sponsor shall be informed that the system is to be restored as soon as practicable. Long term or multiple unserviceabilities of minor systems may result in withdrawal of simulator approval and subsequent re-evaluation.

2.8.4 If it is necessary to terminate or restrict a check utilizing a simulator outside of Canada, the representative of the operator leasing the simulator will be informed. The Inspector or CCP will not make any entry in the maintenance log book.

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