3.4Recurrent Evaluations

3.4.1 For a simulator to retain its current status, it shall be evaluated on a recurring basis using the currently approved QTG. Recurrent evaluations shall be accomplished every six months. Each recurrent evaluation shall be scheduled at eight hours and will consist of functional tests and the completion of approximately one half of the objective tests in the QTG. The goal is to complete each QTG annually.

3.4.2 In the interest of conserving simulator time, the following program alternatives to the normal eight hour recurrent evaluation procedure are available to all operators:

  1. At least one half of all the performance tests will be performed and certified by operator personnel between TC recurrent evaluations. Complete coverage will be required through two consecutive recurrent evaluations. These tests and results shall be reviewed by TC at the outset of each evaluation. The one half of the performance tests executed for each recurrent evaluation shall be accomplished evenly spaced throughout the six month period.
  2. Twenty per cent of those tests conducted by the operator for each recurrent evaluation shall then be selected and repeated by TC.
  3. Ten per cent of those tests not performed by the operator shall also be selected by TC for execution during each recurrent evaluation.
  4. Operators must notify the MSP in writing of their intent to enter the optional program. The test procedures above shall then be exercised at the next recurrent evaluation. If the above procedure can be accommodated with less than eight hours of simulator time, subsequent recurrent evaluations for that simulator will be planned for four hours, a reduction of 50per cent from the eight hours normally required. The four hours includes non-programmed downtime such as correction of malfunctions. If the operators cannot extend the period, then the evaluation shall be terminated and rescheduled at a later date.
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