3.6 Modification of Simulators, Motion and Visual Systems

3.6.1 Flexibility in software and hardware modification is necessary to correct previously undetected discrepancies and to make necessary improvements. Strict discipline is essential to ensure that the simulator maintains its ability to duplicate the rotorcraft flight characteristics. Operators shall maintain configuration control systems for software and hardware to ensure the continued integrity of the simulator as qualified. The configuration control systems may be examined by TC on demand. The following procedures shall be followed to allow these changes without affecting the approval of the simulator:

  1. Twenty-one calendar days before making changes to hardware or software which may affect the performance or handling qualities of the rotorcraft simulator, a complete list of the proposed changes shall be provided to the MSP in writing including the dynamics related to the motion and visual systems and necessary updates to the QTG.
  2. The proposed change shall be reviewed by the MSP in accordance with this Manual. If TC does not object to the proposed change within 21calendar days, the change may be made.
  3. An amended copy of the QTG pages affected by the change shall be provided to update the QTG.
  4. TC may examine the supporting data or test the simulator, or both, to ensure that the fidelity of the simulator has not been degraded.
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