4.1 Classification System

4.1.1 The procedures and criteria for flight training devices qualification are contained in this Chapter. To be used in an operator's approved training program, any flight training device (FTD) must be qualified by the MSP in accordance with the guidance and standards herein. When used in an approved training program, an FTD will be qualified for a specific operator. Based on a successful evaluation, the MSP will certify that the device meets the criteria of a specific level of qualification. Upon qualification by the MSP, approval for the use of the device in a particular training program will be determined by the Operational Authority in accordance with the Standard that applies with respect to that training program.

4.1.2 Levels of Qualification

Level1 devices are those previously approved and listed in the Pilot Licensing Procedures Manual (PLPM) dated October 1991 and those devices approved under the provisions of Section4.9 of TP9685E. Levels2 and 3 are generic in that they are representative of no specific aircraft cockpit and do not require reference to a specific aircraft. Levels4 through 7 represent a specific cockpit for the aircraft represented. Within the generic or specific category, each higher level of FTD is progressively more complex. A qualified FTD which is used for a specific training event may also be used for the associated checking event. Because of the increase in complexity and more demanding standards when progressing from Level2 to Level7, there is a continuum of technical definition across those levels.

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