4.4 Recurrent Evaluations

4.4.1 For a FTD to retain its qualification, it will be evaluated on a recurrent basis using the approved MQTG. Each recurrent evaluation will consist of functions tests and at least a portion of the validation tests in the MQTG.

4.4.2 The recurrent evaluations will be planned for every six months with approximately one-half of the validation tests in the MQTG accomplished each time. This will allow all MQTG tests to be accomplished annually. For levels2, 3 and 4, the interval may be based on annual evaluations by TC with all MQTG tests accomplished at each successive evaluation.

4.4.3 Dates of recurrent evaluations will normally not be scheduled beyond 30days of the due date.

4.4.4 In the interest of conserving training device time, the following Optional Test Program (OTP), applicable to Levels6 and 7, is an alternative to the standard recurrent evaluation procedure:

  1. Operators having the appropriate automatic recording and plotting capabilities may apply for evaluation under the OTP;
  2. Operators must notify the MSP in writing of their intent to enter the OTP. If TC determines that the evaluation can be accommodated with four hours or less of training device time, recurrent evaluations for that device will be planned for four hours. If the four-hour period is or will be exceeded and the operator cannot extend the period, the evaluation will be terminated and must be completed within 30days to maintain qualification status. TC will then reassess the appropriateness of the OTP; and
  3. Under the OTP, at least one-third of all validation tests will be performed and certified by operator personnel between TC recurrent evaluations. Complete coverage will be required through any two consecutive recurrent evaluations. These tests and the recording of the results should be accomplished within the 30days prior to the scheduled evaluation or accomplished on an evenly distributed basis during the six-month period preceding the scheduled evaluation. This information will be reviewed by the TC Simulator Evaluation Specialist at the outset of each recurrent evaluation. At least twenty per cent of those tests conducted by the operator for each recurrent evaluation will then be selected and repeated by the Simulator Evaluation Specialist along with at least ten per cent of those tests not performed by the operator.

4.4.5 In instances where an operator plans to remove a FTD from active status for prolonged periods, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. TC shall be advised in writing. The notice shall contain an estimate of the period that the device will be inactive;
  2. Recurrent evaluations will not be scheduled during the inactive period. TC will remove the FTD from qualified status on a mutually established date not later than the date on which the first missed recurrent evaluation would have been scheduled;
  3. Before a device can be restored to TC-qualified status, it will require an evaluation by TC. The evaluation content and time required for accomplishment will be based on the number of recurrent evaluations missed during the inactive period. For example, if the training device were out of service for one year, it would be necessary to complete the entire test guide since under the recurrent evaluation program, the MQTG is to be completed annually;
  4. The operator will notify TC of any changes to the original scheduled time out of service; and
  5. The FTD will normally be requalified using the TC-approved MQTG and criteria that was in effect prior to its removal from qualification; however, inactive periods exceeding one year will require a review of the qualification basis and, if conditions warrant, may require the establishment of a new qualification basis.
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