4.8Downgrade of an Aircraft Simulator to an Aircraft FTD

4.8.1 An operator may elect to have a currently qualified airplane simulator reclassified as an FTD. This may be accomplished through one of two methods. Normal

The operator will follow the steps outlined in this Chapter for the evaluation and qualification of an FTD irrespective of the device's current status as an aircraft simulator. Administrative

The operator would request that the currently qualified airplane instructor be downgraded to an FTD. This process would not require an on site evaluation of the device and would be in accordance with the following conditions and procedures:

  1. Conditions

    1. A LevelC or D aircraft simulator may be administratively reclassified as a Level6 or Level7 aircraft FTD, at the operator's option. A LevelA or B aircraft simulator may be administratively reclassified as a Level6 FTD;
    2. The existing qualification basis for the simulator will remain the basis for qualification of the FTD, including all aspects of the MQTG, except for those tests applicable to the motion or visual system. The motion and visual systems should be deactivated, although physical removal from the device is not required. Should the operator wish to have the availability of either the motion or visual system, those appropriate tests would remain a part of the MQTG for the FTD; and
    3. Frequency and content of recurrent evaluations would remain unchanged except for MQTG modifications that may occur under the above paragraph.

  2. Procedures

    1. The operator must notify the MSP, in writing, of the desire to administratively downgrade their simulator;
    2. This notification must include appropriate page changes to the current MQTG indicating, at least, the change in status and the elimination of appropriate tests as described under paragraph two of Conditions, above; and
    3. After review of this notification package and concluding that the modified MQTG would support the FTD qualification level sought, the MSP shall issue a qualification letter.
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