4.9Previously Approved FTDs

4.9.1 Those FTDs approved in the PLPM dated October 1991 retain their approved status as Level1 devices. Approval of new devices of these types are subject to the conditions of this manual.

4.9.2 Operators of FTDs which, for any reason, are not capable of meeting, or it is not desired that they meet, the qualification standards for a specified level as described in this Chapter but which have been previously approved for use will be eligible for evaluation and qualification under a temporary status. This temporary status will remain valid until January1, 1997.

4.9.3 Operators who desire to have an FTD qualified under this temporary status must make a written request of the MSP. This request must be made in sufficient time to allow an evaluation (see paragraph below) to be conducted within one year of the effective date of this Chapter or within one year of the in-service date of the device, whichever is later.

4.9.4 In turn, a TC specialist will evaluate the device using as a guide, the previous approval and any specific instructions or other guidance material provided by the MSP. Only those manoeuvres or procedures previously authorized will be evaluated. The capability to satisfactorily accomplish at least one manoeuvre or procedure must be determined in order to grant qualification.

4.9.5 If the device is satisfactory, the MSP will write a letter of qualification to the operator/sponsor of the FTD. This qualification letter will:

  1. State that the FTD is qualified under this temporary status for a period of time not to exceed January1, 1997.
  2. Include a list of the manoeuvres and procedures that the FTD is capable of performing; and
  3. Be contingent upon satisfactory recurrent functional evaluation on an annual basis.
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