5.1 Purpose

5.1.1 The CARs state that each aircraft simulator in an approved training and checking program shall maintain the performance, functional and other characteristics required for approval. This means that each simulator must operate with all components operational at all times. If at any time its performance is degraded for any reason, the approval is void and any training or checking completed on the simulator while it is in this condition is invalid.

5.1.2 Some training and checking could be completed with certain components inoperative if relief were provided to the simulator approval requirements. While the aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is an important tool in training, especially in Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT), it is not a practical relief vehicle. It relates directly to flight safety and airworthiness issues while the real issue is quality of training and not, strictly speaking, flight safety. Therefore, the MEL is not to be used to determine simulator training or checking status and another method of providing relief is required. This relief from the initial simulator approval requirements is permitted through the use of a Simulator Component Inoperative Guide (SCIG). Preparation and use of an SCIG is mandatory.

5.1.3 Though the SCIG is concerned mainly with relief for full flight simulators, an SCIG can be prepared, approved and used with a training device.

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