5.2 Application for Use of the SCIG

5.2.1 The individual operator (the Air Operator Certificate holder, company organization or private citizen using the simulator), is responsible for a SCIG that reflects their operation/training program. For example, one operator may train and check to Category II/III limits while another may train and check only to Category I limits; therefore, the second operator could use relief from CategoryII/III related component unserviceabilities.

5.2.2 Once the operator has prepared a SCIG, using the example in this Chapter as a guide, it shall be submitted to the MSP for approval. The MSP will review it for compliance with this manual and forward it to the operational authority for approval.

5.2.3 When approval is obtained, the SCIG will become part of the operator's training program. The SCIG must be readily available for review for each simulator training or checking session.

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