5.3 Procedures for Using the SCIG

5.3.1 Any component or subpart of a simulator that is intentionally made inoperative for the purpose of training or checking by inserting a malfunction on the instructor's console is not considered inoperative for the purpose of the SCIG.

5.3.2 Each component that becomes inoperative shall be recorded in the maintenance log book for that simulator and its impact on the approved status of the device is to be determined using the SCIG. Any system or subpart that is not listed in the guide shall be operational at all times when training for credits or checking is being conducted. All components and systems are required to operate for all checking, except as noted under "Remarks" in Appendix5-A.

5.3.3 There is no time period in which an inoperative component listed in the guide must be repaired; however, it is to the benefit of the operator to expedite repairs as training and checking are severely restricted.

5.3.4 When a component becomes inoperative and the "Situation" column in Appendix5-A states "no training or checking", this means that the training credits and checking authorized for that phase of simulator are not allowed until the component is repaired.

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