6.2 Qualifications for SAR Appointment

6.2.1 An organization which requests the appointment of a SAR shall have a capable simulator technical organization which is satisfactory to TC.

6.2.2 The individual for whom the SAR appointment is requested shall:

  1. be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident within the meaning of the Immigration Act, 1976;
  2. be engaged in the provision of technical services in an organization that maintains or operates aircraft simulators in Canada;
  3. have a thorough working knowledge of simulators and be technically competent to effectively apply the aircraft simulator and training device approval standards within the limits of his/her mandate;
  4. have the necessary authority in the organization to effectively control the application of simulator approval and training device standards within the limits of his/her mandate;
  5. have a satisfactory working relationship with relevant TC staff;
  6. be personally suitable by exhibiting such characteristics as professional integrity, co-operative attitude, ability to exercise sound judgement and maintain a high degree of objectivity while performing SAR functions notwithstanding any influence to the contrary;
  7. be a graduate of a technical college in an appropriate discipline or the equivalent such as completion of an apprentice program; and
  8. have at least fifteen years of progressively responsible simulator related technical experience appropriate to the responsibilities and duties of a SAR.
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