6.3 Application for Appointment

6.3.1 A senior manager of an organization may nominate a candidate who is employed by the organization for appointment as a SAR. The application shall include:

  1. the name of the individual and the address of his/her normal place of business;
  2. evidence of citizenship or residency status;
  3. a resume of the candidate's history and current areas of expertise;
  4. evidence of the academic qualifications and experience of the individual;
  5. a statement by the candidate agreeing to accept the appointment; and
  6. a statement by senior management of the organization to -
    1. provide the SAR with adequate resources for effective performance of his/her duties,
    2. grant the SAR the necessary authority to permit effective application of simulator and training device standards and procedures as described in this Manual, and
    3. support decisions of the SAR in conducting his/her regulatory functions.
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