6.5Validity of Appointment

6.5.1 Unless terminated under Section6.5.2 of this Chapter, a SAR appointment shall be effective for up to five years from date of issue. It may be reviewed for additional periods of five years at the discretion of TC. A renewal is effected by issuing a new Certificate of Appointment specifying the renewal period.

6.5.2 A SAR appointment made under this Chapter terminates:

  1. upon the written request of the SAR;
  2. upon written request of an employer who nominated the SAR;
  3. when the SAR ceases employment with the employer who nominated the SAR for appointment;
  4. upon a finding by TC that the SAR has not properly performed the duties of a SAR; and
  5. when a SAR has not exercised the privileges of his appointment for a period in excess of three years.
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