Flight Test Items - 8. Approaches

The candidate will perform two (2) different types of instrument approaches. The candidate will demonstrate one RNP APCH approach. On an initial Instrument Rating flight test, a precision approach with vertical guidance is also mandatory. If an LPV approach is used to demonstrate ILS approach proficiency, the other approach must be a non-precision approach without vertical guidance.

For Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC), one RNP APCH approach will be conducted with or without vertical guidance and the other approach must be a non-precision approach without vertical guidance.

One of the approaches will be demonstrated with a simulated failed engine for Groups 1 and 2 instrument rating qualifications.

All intermediate and final segments of non-precision approaches with approach slopes of 3.5 degrees or less will be flown using a Constant Descent Final Approach (CDFA) profile from the highest intermediate segment altitude to the minimum descent altitude (MDA). The use of step-down approach techniques where CDFA profiles are possible and practical will be considered a major error.

Approaches may be flown with vectors from ATC, where available, or by flying a full-procedure approach.

When aerodrome temperatures are 0ºC or colder, candidates are expected to apply the altitude corrections published in the CAP - General to all minimum altitudes depicted on the approach chart used.

Where a major deviation has occurred during the approach, but safety has not been compromised, the candidate may initiate a missed approach for one additional attempt at the approach and the evaluation will be marked as a 2, if the subsequent approach is acceptable. The candidate is allowed only one (1) second attempt for an approach. Where safety has been compromised or unacceptable performance has been demonstrated, including but not limited to, descent below a published minimum descent altitude due to pilot error or poor technique, the approach will be evaluated as a "1" despite the initiation of a missed approach by the candidate.

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