Unsuccessful attempt of a Flight Test

Not attaining the minimum pass mark (39) or the unsuccessful attempt of any flight test item on the flight test report constitutes an unsuccessful attempt of the flight test.

The unsuccessful attempt of any ground item will require a complete re-test and precludes the air portion of the flight test. Ground items are not eligible for a partial flight test.

If one air item is unsuccessful, the candidate will be eligible for a partial flight test on that item and the unsuccessful attempt of a second air item will require a complete re-test.

If not satisfied with the outcome of the flight test, a candidate may wish to file a written complaint regarding the conduct of a flight test or the performance of an examiner with the Transport Canada Regional Office responsible for that examiner. In order to succeed with a complaint, the applicant will have to satisfy Transport Canada that the test was not properly conducted. Mere dissatisfaction with the flight test result is not enough. After due consideration of the individual case, the TTL responsible for Part IV flight testing and licensing, may authorize a re-test to be conducted, without prejudice (with a clean record in regard to the disputed flight test), by a Civil Aviation Inspector or an alternate pilot examiner.


A pilot licence, including any ratings or endorsements attached to that licence, is a Canadian Aviation Document (CAD). The powers to suspend, cancel or refuse to renew a CAD or any of its additional privileges, are set out in the Aeronautics Act.

The only avenue for appeal of an unsuccessful attempt for which a candidate has not reached a resolution with Transport Canada is an appeal before the Federal Court of Canada.

The Federal Court may be contacted at: Federal Court, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0H9.

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