The Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

The principal mandate of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada is to hold review and appeal hearings at the request of interested parties with respect to certain administrative actions taken by the Minister of Transport.


The Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body established in accordance with the amended Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act.

The objective of the program is to provide the transportation community with the opportunity to have enforcement and licensing decisions of the Minister of Transport reviewed by an independent body.

The Minister's enforcement and licensing decisions may include the imposition of monetary penalties or the suspension, cancellation or refusal to issue, amend or renew a Canadian aviation document on medical or other grounds. The person or corporation affected is referred to as the document holder.

The decisions are reviewed through a two-level hearing process: review and appeal. All hearings are to be held expeditiously and informally, in accordance with the rules of fairness and natural justice. At the conclusion of a hearing, the Tribunal may confirm the Minister's decision, substitute its own decision, or refer the matter back to the Minister for reconsideration.

The Tribunal's role does not overlap with, nor is it duplicated by, any other agency, board or commission. It is unique in the transportation sector in that its function is entirely adjudicative.

The basic principles governing the Tribunal are those of independence and expertise.

The Tribunal is itinerant in the sense that its hearings take place throughout Canada, at the convenience of the parties to the extent possible.

Structure of the Tribunal

The office of the Tribunal is located in the National Capital Region.

The Tribunal's chairperson is also its Chief Executive Officer. The Chair is responsible for the direction and supervision of the work necessary to facilitate the functions of the Tribunal.

The Chair, Vice-Chair and immediate staff account for 9 full-time equivalents. Thirty-seven part-time members were in office during 2004-2005. Members are drawn from across Canada and are appointed by Order in Council on the basis of their knowledge and expertise.

Additional information on the TATC is available on Transport Canada's website at: