Part IV - Personnel Licensing and Training

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Standard 421 – Flight Crew Permits, Licences and Ratings

Appendix A - Aircraft Type Designators – Gyroplanes – Two seats or more

Gyroplane Types – Two seats or more
(effective 2014/07/31)

Legend for "Category of Engines":

P - Piston Engine
T - Turbine Engine

Note: The gyroplane type ratings are only issued for Two (2) seat gyroplanes.

Manufacturer Type Designator Model Number
American Autogyro SPHA SparrowHawk 1P
Air Command AIRC All models 1P
Air and Space A18A 18A 1P
AutoGyro  GmbH MT03 MTOsport 1P
CALDS Calidus 1P
CLON Cavalon 1P
Avian VA18 2/180 1P
Bensen ( Bill Parsons) BENS Parsons Trainer 1P
Cobra CO447 Cobra 447 1P
Haseloh JB2 JB2 1P
McCulloch Aircraft Corp MJ2 J-2 1P
Rotary Air Force RAF20 RAF2000 1P
Snobird Adventure SNOB Snobird Adventure 1P
Vancraft Copters VANC Vancraft Lightning 1P
Magni Gyro M16 M16 Tandem Trainer 1P
M24 M24 Orion 1P
DTA – Delta Trike Aviation JRO All models 1P
ELA Aviacion ELA7 ELA 07S and ELA 07 Cougar 1P
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