Part V - Standard 509 Appendix B - Foreign Special Requirements

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 1996/10/10

1. General

Information Notes:

  1. (i) Appendix B describes the special requirements of each state with which Canada has signed an agreement for the export of aeronautical products. These special requirements are mostly administrative in nature and should be satisfied at the time of export. They involve, for example, the requirements for maintenance records, flight manuals, and other information in respect of the product being exported. Where a product does not meet a special requirement, a written statement should be obtained from the civil aviation authority of the importing state indicating that the product will be acceptable minus the special requirement. Such statements should accompany each application for export airworthiness certification.

  2. (ii) Appendix B is based on foreign legislation and, as such, is provided for information only. Consult the nearest Transport Canada regional or district office for assistance in verifying the current status of these requirements.

    1. (1) Where an export airworthiness certification is required for a state other than those listed in the Appendices, the general requirements will apply.

    2. (2) The following Annexes form part of this Appendix:

      1. (a) Annex 1 - United States of America;

      2. (b) Annex 2 - Poland;

      3. (c) Annex 3 - United Kingdom.

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