Part V - Standard 509 Annex 1 - United States of America

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 2001/06/01

  1. (1) Product Conformity

    Aircraft manufactured in Canada to approved type design data, and exported under the provisions of the USA/Canada Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement, shall have been manufactured by a Transport Canada approved manufacturer and certified for conformity to type design data, approved by the FAA, and be in a fit and safe state for flight.

  2. (2) Export Airworthiness Certification

    The FAA will accept an export airworthiness certification for an aircraft when the certification attests that the aircraft:

    1. (a) conforms to a type design, approved by the FAA, which meets the FAA standards for airworthiness and environment as specified in the Type Certificate Data Sheet; and

    2. (b) is in a condition for safe operation including compliance with any applicable FAA mandatory airworthiness modifications and special inspections.

  3. (3) Deviations from the FAA Type Design

    Any deviation from the FAA type design shall be noted. However, any such deviation will eventually have to be resolved by the importer with the FAA before an aircraft is eligible for a US airworthiness certificate.

  4. (4) Products Manufactured in a Third State

    In making its findings of eligibility for an aircraft manufactured in a state other than the United States or Canada, the FAA will accept a Transport Canada Airworthiness Inspector's certification for that aircraft, provided that:

    1. (a) both the FAA and Transport Canada have approved the basic type design of the aircraft; and

    2. (b) the aircraft was registered in Canada, or was in Canada for the purpose of completion (e.g. interior installation).

  5. (5) Identification and Markings

    The following identifies other special requirements which shall be complied with as a condition of acceptance by the FAA for use on US registered aircraft:

    1. (a) Aircraft, aircraft engines and propellers shall be identified in a manner specified in FAR 45.11 with the information outlined in FAR 45.13.

    2. (b) Critical components to be used as spare or replacement/modification parts shall be identified with a part number and serial number.

    3. (c) Appliances and articles of a design approved by an FAA letter of TSO design approval shall be marked in accordance with the requirements outlined in Part 21, Subpart O, and any additional marking requirements specified in the particular TSO.
      (amended 2001/06/01)

    4. (d) Parts and materials to be used as spare or replacement/modification parts shall be identified by a part number and the manufacturer's name or trade mark. In addition, information concerning the model designation or the type certificated product for which the part is eligible for installation shall be furnished.

  6. (6) Maintenance Records

    Each aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, and appliance shall be accompanied by maintenance records, equivalent to those specified in FAR 91.417, that reflect the status of required inspections, life limitations, etc.

    In the case of engines and propellers, each engine or propeller shall have been subjected to a final operational check to the manufacturer's specifications.

  7. (7) Maintenance and Modifications of Products

    Any maintenance or modification work performed on a US registered aircraft, or any part thereof, can be certified for return to service by an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) holding the appropriate licence and endorsements. Also, where any maintenance or modification work is performed by a Transport Canada approved organisation on an aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance which has been removed from a US registered aircraft, that aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance can be released for return to service on a US registered aircraft by an authorised inspector. Therefore, in neither case will an export airworthiness certification be necessary, provided the product remains under the jurisdiction of the FAA.

  8. (8) Approved Flight Manuals, Markings and Placards

    Aircraft shall be accompanied by an approved flight manual as identified on the FAA type certificate data sheet. Also the aircraft shall have the appropriate markings and placards specified in the FAA type certificate data sheet, and flight manual or manual material pursuant to FAR 91.31.

  9. (9) Noise and Emissions Required

    Aircraft shall meet the environmental standards of FAR 21.93(b), 21.183(e) or 21.185(d), SFAR 27, Part 34, Part 36, SFAR 41, or Part 91 Subpart E, as applicable

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