Part V - Standard 509 Annex 2 - Poland

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 1996/10/10

  1. (1) Product Conformity

    Aircraft manufactured in Canada for export to Poland under the Bilateral Airworthiness Understanding between the Transport Canada Aviation Group (formerly CATA) and the Central Administration of Civil Aviation of the Polish People's Republic shall have been manufactured by a Transport Canada approved manufacturer and certified by Transport Canada for conformity to approved type design data, and also for meeting any applicable test and quality control requirements when formally requested by the Polish civil aviation administration.

  2. (2) Export Airworthiness Certification

    The Polish civil aviation administration will give the same validity to an export airworthiness certification as if the certification had been made under its own laws, regulations, and requirements provided that:

    1. (a) the aircraft conforms to design data approved by the Minister and also to any additional requirements specified by the Polish civil aviation administration;

    2. (b) the export airworthiness certification statement is signed by a Transport Canada representative.

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