Part V - Chapter 533 Appendix B Certification Standard Atmospheric Concentrations of Rain and Hail

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 1999/12/01

[Figure B1, Table B1, Table B2, Table B3, and Table B4 specify the atmospheric concentrations and size distributions of rain and hail for establishing certification, in accordance with the requirements of Sec.533.78(a)(2). In conducting tests, normally by spraying liquid water to simulate rain conditions and by delivering hail fabricated from ice to simulate hail conditions, the use of water droplets and hail having shapes, sizes and distributions of sizes other than those defined in this appendix B, or the use of a single size or shape for each water droplet or hail, can be accepted, provided that applicant shows that the substitution does not reduce the severity of the test.

  • Figure B1 - Illustration of Rain and Hail Threats, Certification concentrations are obtained using Tables B1 and B2
  • Table B1.-- Certification Standard Atmospheric Rain Concentrations
  • Table B2.-- Certification Standard Atmospheric Hail Concentrations
  • Table B3.-- Certification Standard Atmospheric Rain Droplet Size Distribution
  • Table B1.-- Certification Standard Atmospheric Hail Size Distribution

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