Part V - Standard 571 Appendix C - Aircraft Weight and Balance Control

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

refer to paragraph 605.92(1)(c) of the CARs)
(amended 2002/09/01)

(1) Weight and Balance Reports

(a) The empty weight of an aircraft stated in a weight and balance report shall include all items required by the basis of the aircraft type certification, and all additional items of installed equipment. Any item not forming part of the type design shall be entered in an equipment list with its associated weight and moment. This list constitutes a part of the weight and balance report.

(b) Weight and Balance reports shall be certified by signing a maintenance release.

(2) Amendments to Weight and Balance
(amended 2002/09/01)

(a) Following a modification or a major repair that involves a change to the empty weight or centre of gravity of an aircraft, the person who made the change shall make an entry into the journey log or approved alternative system as soon as practicable after the change but, at the latest, before the next flight, which shall include:
(amended 2007/12/30)

(i) a description of the change;
(amended 2002/09/01)

(ii) the effective date of the change; and

(iii) the weight and moment arm of each item installed or removed.
(amended 2002/09/01)

(b) Subject to the requirements of section (1), the particulars in respect of changes to the empty weight or centre of gravity shall be transcribed in the empty weight and balance report, or, if an approved fleet empty weight and balance control program is in effect, in the empty weight and balance data for the aircraft, in accordance with the requirements applicable to the transfer of data from the journey log, set out in section 605.96 of the CARs.
(amended 2002/09/01)

Information Notes:
(amended 2002/09/01)

(i) Paragraph (2)(a) above allows for the temporary removal of aircraft equipment for repair, or incorporation of a modification or repair, without the need to immediately amend the empty weight and balance report.

(ii) When the pertinent changes are transcribed from the journey log, pursuant to paragraph (2)(b), the amended empty weight and balance report will indicate the actual empty weight, as stated in section (1) of this appendix.

(iii) Pursuant to section 605.85 of the CARs, a maintenance release is to be signed in respect of the maintenance performed, when applicable.

(c) Following any change to installed equipment, the weight and balance report equipment list shall be amended to reflect the change.
(amended 2007/12/30)

(3) Aircraft Having Alternative Configurations

(a) Where an aircraft is likely to be operated in two or more different configurations, a separate weight and balance report addendum for each configuration may be used to meet the requirements of section (2), provided that each addendum:
(amended 2002/09/01)

(i) contains a supplementary list which clearly shows the differences from the basic aircraft configuration;

(ii) includes the empty weight and center of gravity for the applicable configuration; and

(iii) is clearly identified with respect to the aircraft configuration to which it applies.

(b) For each change of configuration to which a change of aircraft weight and balance addendum applies, the currently applicable addendum shall be identified in the aircraft journey log.

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