Part V - Standard 571 Appendix K – Training to perform Specific Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Tasks

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 2007/12/30

(refer to subsection 571.02(3) and 571 Schedule I of the CARs)
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

(1) Purpose
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

This appendix prescribes alternative training requirements that may be used as a basis of qualification for technicians performing certain kinds of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tasks, as an alternative to certification in accordance with national standards.

(2) Limitations
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

(a) The provisions of this appendix apply only to NDT using liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and eddy current methods.

(b) NDT conducted under the provisions of this appendix is limited to the inspection of specified components for predictable discontinuities. The inspections must have clear, objective acceptance criteria.

Information Note:

These relatively restricted privileges differ from those of NDT AMOs and holders of CGSB and other nationally recognized standards, who need not be limited to the inspection of particular components, and may be granted broad privileges within the scope of the methods for which they are rated.

(3) Training providers
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

Organizations or persons providing training in accordance with this appendix shall be:

(a) NDT training institutes providing training to national standards;

(b) Approved Maintenance Organizations holding appropriate NDT ratings; or

(c) Persons authorized by the holder of an aeronautical product type certificate for the product concerned.

(4) Scope of Training
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

(a) The training shall include, for each NDT method involved, an outline of theory equivalent to that specified for CGSB Level 1, insofar as it relates to the range of components the technician will be authorized to inspect.

(b) The training shall cover the application of the theory to the specific components the technician will be authorized to inspect. Where several similar items are involved, the training need not involve every configuration or part number affected, provided the samples used in the training are representative of the group as a whole.

(c) The training provider shall test each trainee, by written and practical examination, using sample aeronautical products representative of those listed on the certificate of training. The examiner shall ensure that the technicians are capable of carrying out the inspections satisfactorily without supervision.

(5) Documentation
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

(a) The training provider shall provide each graduate with documentation confirming his or her successful completion of the training, indicating the specific NDT tasks and components on which the trainee has demonstrated competence.

(b) The training documentation specified in paragraph (a) shall be retained by the trainee and, where the trainee is employed within an Approved Maintenance Organization, the organization shall retain a copy of the document on the trainee’s record of training and experience, together with a description of the scope of NDT work he or she is authorized to perform within the organization.

(6) Persons eligible
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

Persons performing NDT under the provisions of this appendix must be either:

(a) The holder of an applicable AME license issued under Subpart 403 of the CARs; or

(b) The holder of an applicable Aircraft Certifying Authorization or Shop Certifying Authorization issued by an Approved Maintenance Organization.

(7) Recurrent training
(amended 2007/12/30; previous version)

(a) Where the technician is employed by an AMO, update training shall be conducted under the AMO’s training program, at whatever frequency may be found necessary in response to the findings of the AMO’s internal quality assurance audits.

(b) Technicians who are not employed by an AMO shall undergo update training every two years.

(c) Update training shall be provided by a training provider as identified in subsection (3).

(d) The scope of the update training shall take into account the technician’s recent experience in the performance of NDT since the last training received.

(e) To enable the assessment of recent experience during update training as required by paragraph (c) the technician shall maintain a record of each inspection carried out under this appendix, including dates, times, location, equipment used, aeronautical product identity, and other pertinent information.

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